Wet Air Scrubber

The Wet Air Scrubber is one specific type of air scrubber which has spray chambers which combine the capture techniques of cyclones and spray towers. The gas streams enter into the chamber tangentially at high speeds. The high speeds will induce a cyclonic action, and the centrifugal force from this promotes droplet separation, allowing the use of a smaller droplet size which increases collection efficiency.

We at Kleanfil International makes scrubbers which are more efficient than spray towers and have lower liquid requirements. But at the same time, they will also require more power due to higher pressure drops. They are preferred over spray towers for gas streams with heavier particulate loads.

Product features

  1. It is finely tuned to eliminate odours and particulate associated with bacterial, viral and mould contamination.
  2. The unit is designed for removal of large amounts of smoke, ash, animal dander and pollen.
  3. It works well in medium to large commercial facilities like hospitals, clinics, schools, offices, prisons, manufacturing & agricultural facilities, and is ideal for disaster restoration firms.
  4. It has a 12″ intake and exhaust hose flanges and filter monitoring gauge.


UNIT MODELDAS-12DAS-16DAS-20DAS-25DAS-30DAS-40DAS-50DAS-60DAS-80DAS-100DAS-120DAS-130DAS-150DAS-160DAS-180DAS-200DAS-220DAS-250DAS-300DAS-350DAS-400DAS-480DAS-600
FAN MODEL9"X9"9"X9"10"X10"12"X12"15"X15"15"X15"18"X18"18"X18"500560630630710710710800800900100010002"X800"2x9002x1000
FAN VEL. FPM7.39.689.878.
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