Dry Air Scrubber

Dry Scrubbing is one of the latest technologies which has been developed and is used in effective waste removals. It can be used to remove sulphur dioxide, hydrochloric acid etc. from the environment. In the Dry Air Scrubber manufactured by kleanfil International, we will provide you with a superior quality scrubber which will eliminate the impurities from the air in a jiffy. The pollutants are dried and collected at the end of the vessel and can be removed very easily. The dry scrubber units are some of the most efficient types of pollutant removers and are used regularly in big industries.

Product features

  1. They are made of corrosion-resistant PVC, polypropylene, FRP or stainless steel.
  2. They are shipped complete with an integral coated steel base.
  3. They also have a metering and pumping system which is available upon request.
  4. They come complete with fittings for the addition of chemical neutralizers if required.
  5. They are strategically designed components help to make our units low-maintenance (i.e. quick-opening access doors for easy inspection).
  6. They can be supplied with water either directly from your supply or from an integral or remote recirculation system supplied with the scrubber.


UNIT MODELDAS-12DAS-16DAS-20DAS-25DAS-30DAS-40DAS-50DAS-60DAS-80DAS-100DAS-120DAS-130DAS-150DAS-160DAS-180DAS-200DAS-220DAS-250DAS-300DAS-350DAS-400DAS-480DAS-600
FAN MODEL9"X9"9"X9"10"X10"12"X12"15"X15"15"X15"18"X18"18"X18"500560630630710710710800800900100010002"X800"2x9002x1000
FAN VEL. FPM7.39.689.878.
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