Tips For Maintenance, Replacement and Disposal

A filter system may be considered clean if all system components, including the air filters, are visibly clean. Proper maintenance begins with regular attention. The following four tips for maintenance may help to extend the life cycle and improve the efficiency of your filter system.

1. Monthly checks

2. Replace filters

3. Points for attention when replacing filters:

– the date of replacement of filters
– the resistance reading for new filters
– the due date for the next filter change
– the name of the person replacing the filters

4.Disposal of used dirty filters

Filters containing harmful substances – toxins, pathogens – should be disposed of as chemical waste. This remains subject to the environmental management regulations locally applicable. Other filters may be disposed of as industrial waste, which may be surrendered to an industrial waste incineration plant, for instance. All Kleanfil filters can be safely incinerated, without emitting harmful substances.

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