Bag In Bag Out(BIBO System)

Bag in Bag Out Filter System provide a wide performance for preventing the workers from bio-hazard organisms and viruses while they are doing the regular HEPA or ULPA filter replacement work. It is the most effective equipment available for any zone, needing a special critical filtration cleanliness level and negative pressure environment.

Bag in Bag Out Filtration System includes pre-filter (and maintenance access door), HEPA or ULPA filter (and maintenance access door), inlet & outlet connecting duct flange unit, frame and mounting bracket. The equipment is full welded with argon welding except maintenance access door. It can be made not only at workshop but on site also.

Manufactured under stringent quality assurance controls, our BIBO housings are subjected to thorough inspections and leak tightness tests before leaving the factory and are guaranteed to pass both DOP and Freon in-place tests.


Product features

  1. The housing is made from either T304 12 & 14-gauge stainless steel or optional T316 12 & 14-gauge stainless steel.
  2. The locking trays are made from T304 12-gauge stainless steel or optional T316 12-gauge stainless steel.
  3. Retrieval rods ease the removal of filters.
  4. Seam welding reinforces strength and prevents leakage.
  5. Door(s) have perimeter gasket in order to ensure a positive seal.
  6. Door knobs are cast aluminum.
  7. Inside each unit’s door(s), a ribbed inlet collar provides for a PVC bag attachment. The PVC bag creates a barrier seal between service personnel and the contaminated filters. With this design, filter-servicing personnel are not in direct contact with any threatening particulate. An initial bag kit is included with each order.
  8. Depending on end user requirements, a variety of prefilter, adsorber, and/or HEPA filter sections are incorporated into the unit. Housings may be joined in series or parallel. Test sections in series may also be incorporated with the housing. Specific fan filter combinations are also available for isolation room systems.


Nuclear, Data Centres, Healthcare, Microelectronics, Pharmaceutical, Waste Water Treatment, Biotechnology


ModelOverall size W×D×HHEPA size W×D×HRated air flow(m3/s)
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